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Scott Hanton retires; Joel Doiron named new Race Director at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Monday, January 23, 2017 – Martin Bélanger – The Race Director position will have a new face for the 2017 season at Cornwall Motor Speedway. Scott Hanton has recently announced that he is retiring from the racing scene. With the position being vacated, Joel Doiron has accepted to take on the responsibilities for the upcoming season.

With more than 30 years of experience in the dirt track racing world, Scott Hanton decided during the winter months that it is now time to step away from racing and move on to other projects: “I am stepping down for the Race Director role as I intend to spend more time with my family, after 30 years, it is time to step away” mentioned Hanton who was also in favour about Joel Doiron’s nomimation: “It made my decision easier knowing that Joel will take the role, it is unfortunate for him that he will not be racing but I am positive that he will do a great job!”

Hanton had a wealth of knowledge of experience in officiating dirt track racing: “I have started back in 1987 at Cornwall as assistant flagman, I then got the head flagman position during that same year and was there for 13 years, I then moved up in the tower as race coordinator and the last 7-8 years I was the race director, in the past 30 years, I only missed 3 years in Cornwall”. The Cornwall, Ontario resident also officiated at other track such as Edelweiss for 3 years in the early 2000s as well as Rolling Wheels for about 10 years both as the race director. Hanton also joined the Super DIRTcar Big Block Series Tour in 2010 and visited over 50 different tracks, being on that tour.

Hanton also mentioned that he did all the positions of officiating from head starter, pit coordinator, he even announced a race: ‘’I was a spectator that night at Frogtown (now known as Mohawk), the announcer was sick and I had to step in for that night!” The Lavergne family would like to thank Scott for all his work that he accomplished in the 30 years he has done at the speedway and wish him luck in his future projects.

With Joel Doiron stepping in the position, it will more than 30 years that the position will be occupied by a police officer, with Bob Trottier, Dennis Moquin, Hanton before Joel.

Doiron is well known as the Modified driver, former track champion and also an experienced police officer with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) but very few are aware that Joel has some experience in that type of position: “I was approached by the owner of Edelweiss Speedway and I was race director for a full year, it was quite interesting to see the other side of the coin, being a driver seeing thing differently but also working with a great group of people and bringing some ideas as well to make the race track successful and I think I was able to accomplish during that time”

The Alexandria Ontario resident, received a call from Raymond Lavergne concerning this job and several reasons were taken into factor for Doiron’s decision: My attachment to Cornwall, I grew up there as a kid helping my dad racing but also the Lavergne family, I have known Raymond since the teenage years seeing him at different race tracks and have the upmost respect for him as an individual but also for what he’s done in a very short period of time with the speedway, he wants to keep the track at a high level.

Doiron is looking forward to 2017 and knows he will face some challenges down the road: “I am not going there to reinvent the wheel but to incorporate myself into an already successful group of worker that makes every night successful, team work is a big thing for me, there is no ‘’I’’ in team, I want to not only maintain but help bring the track to new heights, working with drivers and fans and make it a complete package” stated Doiron

His vast experience has a spokesperson with the OPP as well as being behind a wheel of race car for numerous years will be two important assets that Doiron will be able to maximise in voicing his expectations in a clear way to drivers, employees, sponsors and race fans.

Joel will officially start his new role as a Mini-Stock drivers meeting will be held on Friday, January 27 in order to build a solid foundation and make the class grow.

An audio interview was done with Joel, you can hear it here:

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Nearly $20,000 in prizes were given last Sunday at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Tuesday, September 6, 2016 – Martin Bélanger – The dust has settled over the regular season, as more than $20,000 in prize were given last Sunday, here are the details !

Race for the Cure Sportsman Series

The Race for the Cure Sportsman Series was a success both on and off the track, Shane Pecore was crowned the champion this past Sunday over Martin Pelletier. An average of 38 cars showed up for all three events. Alex Lajoie won the Crate Engine courtesy of Seaway GM. Off the track, fans and drivers were generous as approximately $6,000 in money was collected throughout the season and will go to a Cornwall family, a big thank you to Steve Morris and TAS Racing for all their efforts in making this Series a success!

Bandit Motorsports Canadian Nationals

Another series that has success every year is the Bandit Motorsports Canadian Nationals. Carey Terrance is the new champion after all three 125-lap events. Quality and quantity in drivers showed up for the series that also gave some great prizes for Perfect attendance as Gabriel Richer, Marc Therrien, Dany Bilodeau and Danny O’Brien won a Hoosier Tire, Carey Terrance and Joey Ladouceur each won a barrel of VP Fuels, Zach Aubertine won the BERT Transmission prize, nearly $5,000 in prizes were given.

Perfect Attendance Bonus Program

With the final event completed, Cornwall was able to give out a total of $11,000 in perfect attendance prizes, here is the rundown of the 24 different draws that occurred:

Cornwall Motor Speedway – 2017 Season Pass – Kyle Dingwall
Cornwall Motor Speedway – 2017 Season Pass – Adam Rozon
Cornwall Motor Speedway – 2017 Season Pass – Justin Desrosiers
Cornwall Motor Speedway – 2017 Season Pass – Greg Ezard
Cornwall Motor Speedway – 2017 Season Pass – Steven Quesnel
Leaf Racewear – 250$ gift certificate – Joey Ladouceur
Leaf Racewear – 250$ gift certificate – Derek Cryderman
Leaf Racewear – 250$ gift certificate – George Renaud
Leaf Racewear – 250$ gift certificate – Greg Ezard
Leaf Racewear – 250$ gift certificate – Marc Dagenais
Steevy Design – 300$ gift certificate car wrap – Emmanuel St-Denis
Atomic Design – 25% off car wrap – Louie Jackson
Lafrance Performance – Dyno Session – Brian McDonald
Lafrance Performance – Dyno Session – Thomas Cook
Lafrance Performance – Dyno Session – Stephane Lebrun
Qualitek – Starter – Gage Morin
Qualitek – Starter – Ryan Stabler
Qualitek – Starter– Ghislain Valade
Home Hardware/Rock Aubin – Pressure Washer – Ghislain Valade
Kirkey Racing Fabrication – 800$ Gift certificate – Derek Cryderman
Action Race Parts – 1 barrel of VP Fuels – Tyler Givogue
Cornwall Motor Speedway – 1 barrel of VP Fuels – Kevin Fetterly
Pixel Design – 350$ Rebate towards a race car wrap – Mario Clair
Trick Race Parts – 1 complete Fiberglass Kit valued at $900 – Corey Wheeler

Cornwall Motor Speedway would like to thank all the sponsors for their contribution for all our different series at the speedway in 2016!

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and con

Gage Morin wins the Canadian Nationals finale at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, September 4, 2016 – Martin Bélanger – It was an epic night at Cornwall Motor Speedway tonight as we crowned 10 different track and series champions along with several important races for our local drivers. A very busy evening that as consisting of the Bandit Motorsports Canadian Nationals Modified Series in conjunction with the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series, The Race for the Cure Sportsman Series along with the DIRTcar Sportsman Series, Street Stock invitational, Pro-Stock, Novice Sportsman and Mini-Stock on Rutters Elevators and Pioneer Hi-Bred.

Jordan McCreadie and David Hebert were on the top row of the Bandit Motorsports Canadian Nationals 125-lap finale. Hebert took a commanding lead over McCreadie with Tommy Flannigan running in third. Hebert slowed in turn 4 and caution came out on lap 14. On the restart, Gage Morin took the lead as Chris Raabe made his way to second with McCreadie sliding to third. A side by side battle occurred between Morin and Raabe for several laps. The caution is out as we had debris on the speedway on lap 42, McCreadie pulled his 9j machine in the infield at the same occasion. When the race was back in action the leaders quickly got into heavy traffic on lap 55 as Raabe pulled closer to Morin as Mike Bowman put his 71 machine into the infield and caution was out on lap 61. Action started back on lap 65 as Yan Bussiere and Roy Delormier came together in turn 1 and this brought up to the lap 75 pit stop.

The race resumed after the mandatory stop as both Morin and Raabe were back into battle for the lead as both drivers pulled away from the field and got to slower traffic, Mario Clair was able to get closer to both runners as an accident occurred on lap 92 in turn 2. When the green lights were back Morin stayed first. Raabe tried everything on Morin to pass him for the lead but the leader resisted as Carey Terrance made his way to the top 4 with less than 20-lap. A severe accident occurred with 7 laps to go send Michael Parent on his roof as Tommy Flannigan was also involved. On the restart, Carey Terrance moved up to third passing Clair. Tyler MacPherson and David Hebert got together below the flagstand bringing the race to a green-white-checker situation. Morin led the final race capturing this event for a second year in a row over Raabe who is crowned our 2016 track champion and Carey Terrance finishes third and wins the Bandit Motorsports Canadian Nationals.

Louie Jackson was the early leader in the DIRTcar Sportman/Race for the Cure Sportsman Series as point’s leader Shane Pecore moved up to second with Gabriel Cyr running in third. Martin Pelletier started to make some noise by lap 10 as he passed Cyr for third and found something on the high lane passing both Pecore and Jackson and got the lead on lap 18. Pelletier started to pull away from the field in heavy traffic as the feature picked up some great momentum. Pelletier had Jackson on his back bumper with 15 lap to go. Pelletier brushed off the challenges from Jackson and collected the win over Jackson and Pecore. By finishing third, Pecore will leave Cornwall with the track championship as well as the Race for the Cure championship.

The Alexandria Home Pro-Stock division closed the evening with a 25-lap event, in which we saw several leaders, it is the veteran driver Dave Bissonnette that was able to seal the deal by winning the event. After waiting a total of 16 years, Stephane Lebrun is finally the track champion at Cornwall!

Dudes Thompson led the entire Polar DJ Services Novice feature, Thompson got challenged by Chris Zieren and Pascal Racette at the end but resisted to win his third event of the season. Junior Delormier made history by winning the first Novice Sportsman championship.

Alexis Charbonneau took the lead in early portion of the Polar Sound DJ Services Mini-Stock feature and never looked back to capture his third win this season. Bob Ray was crowned your 2016 track champion.

Brock Cullen was able to resist several cautions in the Street Stock Invitation and captured the win in the 25-lap event. A great field of 20 cars showed up for this invitational

Next Sunday will we will have the WWE of racing with our annual Fireball Enduro! A great afternoon of entertainment for everyone that will start at 2pm.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

DIRTcar 358-Modified Series/Canadian Nationals Feature (125 laps)
Gage Morin, Chris Raabe, Carey Terrance, Mario Clair, Steve Bernard, Kyle Dingwall, Bobby Herrington, Dominic Dufault, Corey Wheeler, Joey Ladouceur, Danny Bilodeau, Steve Bernier, Mike Maresca, Mathieu Boisvert, Chris Herbison, Brian McDonald, Lance Willix, Joel Doiron, David Hebert, Zach Aubertine, Tyler McPherson, Gabriel Richer, Tommy Flannigan, Michael Parent, Tim O’Brien, Danny O’Brien, Yan Bussiere, Roy Delormier, Mike Bowman, Jordan McCreadie

Race for the Cure Sportsman/DIRTcar Sportsman Series Feature Results (50 laps)
Martin Pelletier, Louie Jackson, Shane Pecore, Jonathon Ferguson, Gabriel Cyr, Adam Rozon, Tyler Givogue, Ryan Stabler, Tristan Draper, Mathieu Bardier, Dave Rogers, Emmanuel St-Denis, Dave Marcuccilli, Thomas Cook, Steve Morris, Scott McGill, Jessica Power, Brianna Ladouceur, Mike Stacey, Bryan Cloutier, Moise Page, Derek Cryderman, Justin Lalancette, Ron Davis III, Alex Lajoie, Felix Murray, Michael Richard, Gilles Godard, Martin Hebert, Chris Cunningham, Ryan Scott, Ryan Comeau

Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Feature Results (25 laps)
Dave Bissonnette, Ghislain Valade, Dave Seguin, Rock Aubin, Stephane Lebrun, Justin Desrosiers, Kevin Fetterly, Jocelyn Roy, PJ Peters, Dave Rogers, Marc Lalonde, George Renaud, Riley McMonagle, CD Beauchamp

Polar Sound DJ Services Novice Sportsman (15 laps)
Dudes Thompson, Pascal Racette, Chris Zieren, Anthony Rasmussen, Mario Genest, Junior Delormier, Greg Ezard, Matt Barbour, Chris Ferguson, Eric Castonguay, Fred Andje, Brent Lozo

Polar Sound DJ Services Mini-Stock (12 laps)
Alexis Charbonneau, Skylar Ladouceur, Bob Ray, Marc Dagenais, Steven Quesnel, John Lamarshe, Corey Gates, Mike Gaucher, Melissa Gifford, Richard Bartholomew, Sylvain Bouthillier, Patrice Monniere, Brandon Halliday

Bonus Program
Bandit Motorsports Modified Bonus Award: Gage Morin
Total Race Supply Halfway Sportsman Bonus Award: Martin Pelletier
MacEwen Halfway Pro-Stock Bonus Award: George Renaud
Bandit Motorsports 6th place finisher Bonus: Justin Desrosiers
VP Race Fuels Miss the Podium Award: Mario Clair
Bandit Motorsports Novice Sportsman Halfway: Dudes Thompson
Bandit Motorsports Novice Sportsman Halfway: Alexis Charbonneau

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