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Autograph and photo this Sunday night at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Thursday, May 22, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – A great night for the whole family is scheduled this Sunday at it will be Autograph and Photo Night at Cornwall Motor Speedway. A full program is on the schedule for all 5 divisions on Vertical Equipment night.

Race fans will be invited during intermission time to come and meet their favourite drivers and will have the opportunity to chat, take photos of cars in the infield. Fans will also have the chance to walk around the speedway. This event is also popular on driver’s side as they prepare cards or photos to give out to children and fans.

On the race track, a full show is on the schedule as all 5 classes will see some action.

In the Jiffy Auto Service Modified category, drivers will be in a heated battle to gain valuable points toward the championship title left vacant by Mario Clair. Look for drivers such as Joel Doiron, Stephane Lafrance, Laurent Ladouceur, Chris Raabe, Carey Terrance and others to be on top at the end of the 30-lap event.

In the Tracy Wheeler Storm Realty Sportsman, local star and last week`s winner Shane Pecore, will look to get win #2 of 2014 but competition is strong in this category.

Dave Bissonnette is already in a good position to repeat his 2013 title by finishing second to Stephane Lemire in last week`s event. Bissonnette will need to be consistent all year long as George Renaud, Jocelyn Roy, Marc Lalonde and Stephane Lebrun have eyes on the title also.

The Luminacorr Semi-Pro and the Mini-Stock division will be in action with 15 and 12 laps feature events.

A great night to bring your family and friends for great entertainment at a low price!

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Soirée photos et autographes ce dimanche au Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – jeudi 22 mai, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – Une excellente soirée de course est prévue ce dimanche alors que ce sera la session annuelle de photos et autographes au Cornwall Motor Speedway. Un programme complet est prévu dans les 5 divisions, une présentation de Vertical Equipment.

Les amateurs seront invités durant l’intermission à venir rencontrer leur pilotes favoris et auront la chance de discuter avec eux, prendre des photos de leur voitures qui seront placées au centre de la piste. Les gens pourront également prendre une marche sur la piste durant ce temps. Cet évènement est également populaire du côté des pilotes alors que ceux-ci préparent des cartes et photos pour donner aux amateurs.

Sur la piste, les 5 catégories seront en action avec une programmation régulière. Dans la division Modifié Jiffy Auto Services, les pilotes seront déjà en mode championnat alors que celui-ci a été laissé vacant par Mario Clair. Surveillez bien des pilotes tel que Joel Doiron, Stephane Lafrance, Laurent Ladouceur, Chris Raae, Carey Terrance et plusieurs autres, être à l’avant au terme de la finale de 30 tours.

La vedette locale Shane Pecore tentera de remporter une 2e victoire consécutive en 2014 dans la classe Sportsman Tracy Wheeler Storm Realty, mais la compétition est féroce!

Dave Bissonnette est déjà en bonne position pour répéter son championnat de 2013 alors qu’il terminé au 2e rang derrière Stéphane Lemire la semaine dernière. Bissonnette devra accumuler de bons résultats tout au long de la saison alors que des pilotes comme George Renaud, Jocelyn Roy, Marc Lalonde et Stéphane Lemire ont des yeux sur le titre.

La classe Semi-Pro Luminacorr et les Mini-Stock seront aussi de la partie avec des finales de 15 et 12 tours, respectivement.

Une excellente occasion d’apporter votre famille et vos amis pour de l’action à un bas prix!

Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez visiter le site web au, ajoutez nous sur Facebook au ou bien joignez vous sur Twitter sous le compte @cornwalspeedway, nous utiliserons les réseaux sociaux pour les résultats ainsi que de nombreux tirages.

Mario Clair claims the Minute Auto Wash 100 at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, May 18, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – A new season started at Cornwall Motor Speedway with the first round of the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series race along with the Gaetan Chip Stand Canadian Nationals Series debut. The Pro-Stock also had the initial Mohawk Race Parts Series race as the Sportsman, Semi-Pro, and Mini-Stock on Minute Auto Wash night.

Alain Boisvert and Chris Raabe were on the top row of the Minute Auto Wash 100 as Boisvert took the lead as Mario Clair made his way to second. On the following restart, a pileup involving several cars occurred in turn 2 on lap 7, everyone was able to leave under their own power. Boisvert powers to the lead as Dale Planck was in a battle for third with Mario Clair as Raabe grabbed back second spot. As we reached lap 25, Boisvert had joined slower traffic. Francois Bernier spun out of turn 4 and yellow was back on the field on lap 29. When the green lights were back, Dale Planck made his move to the front and passed Boisvert for the lead on lap 35. The race slowed on lap 40 for Marc Therrien and Carey Terrance. Boisvert regained the lead on the restart as Raabe got tangled and his night was done while running in the top 5. Boisvert had another great jump as Clair moved to second with Planck, Erick Rudolph and Danny O’Brien rounding out the top 5 at halfway point. The top 3 were running together as Clair took the lead using the outside groove on lap 57 with Planck in second. Brian McDonald stops in turn 4 on lap 64. Clair to the lead as Rudolph made some noise for second as Stephane Lafrance stopped inside turn 2 on lap 68. Planck back to the lead over Clair as Rudolph was in third. Clair used the high line to pass Planck for the first position as Dany Bilodeau had issues on lap 76. Clair led the following 9 laps as Randy Chrysler stopped in the backstretch with 15 laps to go, bringing the field together. Clair in the lead with 10 to go as Planck slipped to fourth with Rudolph in second and O’Brien in third. While running in the top 5, Bill Mullin rolled over hard and the red flag was out with 7 laps to go. On the green, Clair kept the lead over Rudolph and O’Brien as David Hebert made his way to fourth passing Planck. Clair led the last portion to win the race over Rudolph and O’Brien.

George Renaud was the early leader in the 40-lap Pro-Stock Mohawk Race Parts Series but he got passed on a lap 5 restart by Stephane Lemire. Lemire was strong in front at George Renaud was up in second and Dave Bissonnette in third as Eli Gilbert brought a third caution on lap 15. Lemire survived a few yellow flags was we got to 30 laps completed. Renaud made the bottom worked as he raced Lemire for the lead but the #115 car got away. Bissonnette used the top lane on lap 36 to pass Renaud. Lemire led the final laps and won the first series race of Bissonnette and Renaud.

In the 20-lap Tracey Wheeler Storm Realty Sportsman Feature, Mathieu Desjardins took the lead over Etienne Cournoyer and Shane Pecore. A few cautions occurred in the early portion as Pecore took the lead on lap 4. Pecore in front as Mike Maresca passed Desjardins for second. Martin Pelletier made his way into the top 5 as he passed Desjardins for the fourth spot. Pecore joined the slower car but was able to maintain his position to capture the feature in front of Desjardins who made his way back to second as Corey Wheeler finished third.

The 15-lap Semi-Pro feature saw Bruno Richard dominate the event winning over Jonathan Galipeau and Derek Cryderman.

In the 12-lap Mini-Stock feature, Marc Dagenais was the early leader but was passed by veteran driver Chris James. James went on to win his first feature of his car and of the season over Francis Aborameh and Marc Dagenais.

Next week, all five divisions will have a regular evening on racing as it will be autograph and photo night.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

DIRTcar 358-Modified Series/Gaetan Chip Stand Canadian Nationals Results (100 laps)

Mario Clair, Erick Rudolph, Danny O’Brien, David Hebert, Dale Planck, Alain Boisvert , Steve Bernier, Joel Doiron, Dominic Dufault, Lance Willix, Ryan Arbuthnot, Chris Herbison, Stephane Lafrance, Simon Perreault, Gabriel Richer, Brian McDonald, Marc Therrien, Bill Mullin, Randy Chrysler, Chris Raabe, Steve Bernard, Yan Bussiere, Dany Bilodeau, Bruno Lepage, Carey Terrance, Francois Bernier, Clement Therrien, Gage Morin, Laurent Ladouceur, Alex Therrien

Mohawk Race Parts Pro-Stock Series Results (40 laps)

Stephane Lemire, Dave Bissonnette, George Renaud, Jocelyn Roy, Stephane Lebrun, Marc Lalonde, Francois Adam, Charles-David Beauchamp, Bruno Cyr, Eli Gilbert, Rock Aubin, Claude Parisien, Jocelyn Chicoine, Stephane Lariviere, Rosco Garreau, Terry Ladouceur, Chris Tremblay, Guy Viens, Trevor Gaucher, Dave Seguin, Shawn Johnston

Storm Realty Tracy Wheeler Sportsman Results (20 laps)

Shane Pecore, Mathieu Desjardins, Corey Wheeler, Mike Maresca, Joey Ladouceur, Ryan Stabler, Etienne Cournoyer, Brian Comeau, Mitch Primeau, Mike Stacey, Sebastien Bourque, Louie Jackson, Robert Delormier, Justin Lalancette, Patrice Dumouchel, Tristan Draper, Miguel Peterson, Dillon Sallows, Thomas Cook, Eric Lapointe, Scott McGill, David Andre, Billy Cook, Gilles Godard, Jasmine David

Luminacorr Industries Semi-Pro Results (15 laps)

Bruno Richard, Jonathan Galipeau, Derek Cryderman, Alex Gagnon, Junior Delormier, Anthony Perron

Mini-Stock Results (12 laps)

Chris James, Francis Aborameh, Marc Dagenais, JF Page, Natasha Lebrun, Jonathan Abbott, Ryan Comeau, Darryl Mitchell, Sylvain Frenette, Francis Blanchette, Justin Desrosiers, Marc Chartrand, Elizabeth Gauthier, Francis Desjardins