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Back in action this Sunday at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Back in action this Sunday at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Friday August 8, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – Action will continue at Cornwall Motor Speedway this Sunday evening with a full program along with a 25-lap Mini-Stock event.

With his 4th win of the season Carey Terrance gained some valuable points on leaders Chris Raabe and Stephane Lafrance. These two competitors only have 4 points between them. Terrance will need to continue his great streak being at 26 points behind Raabe. There is only 3 nights left counting toward the Jiffy Auto Service Modified Championship.

In the Wheeler-Forget Royal Lepage Sportsman, Corey Wheeler and Shane Pecore are still in a heated battle for the top rank in the division. Wheeler having built himself a slim 10-point lead over Pecore after last Sunday race event.

Dave Bissonnette is looking strong leading the way in the Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock having a 26-point lead over Stephane Lebrun as Rock Aubin is on the backbumper of Lebrun with 2 points behind the Gatineau, Quebec driver. A 20-lap feature is on the schedule.

The Laminacorr Industries Semi-Pro are back in action this Sunday for a 15-lap finale. The Mini-Stock will have a special 25-lap event that should attract extra competitors.

General admission price will be 10$ for adults, 5$ for Seniors 65 years and over, kids under 16 admission is only 2$ with the pits at 23$. General admission gates will open at 5:30pm with racing starting at 7pm sharp!

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

L’action se poursuit ce dimanche au Cornwall Motor Speedway!

L’action se poursuit ce dimanche au Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – vendredi 8 août, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – L’action se poursuit à nouveau au Cornwall Motor Speedway ce dimanche alors qu’un programme complet sera présenté en plus d’une finale de 25 tours en Mini-Stock.

Avec son 4e gain de la saison dimanche dernier Carey Terrance a pu se rapprocher quelques peu des meneurs qui sont Chris Raabe et Stéphane Lafrance. Ces derniers n’ont seulement que 4 points les séparant. Terrance devra pour sa part continuer ses succès se retrouvant à 26 points de Raabe au 3e rang. Il ne reste que 3 soirées comptant pour les points dans la catégorie Modifié Jiffy Auto Service.

Dans la catégorie Wheeler-Forget Royal Lepage Sportsman, Corey Wheeler et Shane Pecore, continuent leur bagarre pour le premier rang de la division avec Wheeler prenant une légère avance de 10 points sur Pecore suite à la finale de dimanche dernier.

Dave Bissonnette est en excellente position dans la classe Pro-Stock Alexandria Home Hardware. Il détient une avance de 26 points sur Stéphane Lebrun avec Rock Aubin tout juste derrière Lebrun avec seulement 2 points séparant ces pilotes. Une finale de 20 tours est à l’horaire.

Les Semi-Pro Laminacorr Industries seront de retour en piste ce dimanche pour une finale de 15 tours. Les Mini-Stock auront une finale spéciale de 25 tours ce qui devrait apporter quelques pilotes supplémentaires au peloton.

Le coût pour l’admission générale sera de 10$ pour les adultes, 5$ pour l’âge d’or de 65 ans et plus, les enfants de 16 ans et moins seront admis pour seulement 2$, le coût dans les puits sera de 23$. L’ouverture de l’admission générale sera à compter de 17h30 alors que les épreuves débuteront à 19h00.

Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez visiter le site web au, ajoutez nous sur Facebook au ou bien joignez vous sur Twitter sous le compte @cornwalspeedway, nous utiliserons les réseaux sociaux pour les résultats ainsi que de nombreux tirages.

Carey Terrance collects round two of Canadian Nationals at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Carey Terrance collects round two of Canadian Nationals at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, August 3, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – Jiffy Auto Service presented the second round of the Canadian Nationals Modified Series as the Modifieds had a 100-lap feature along with a special event of the Mod-Lites plus a regular show for Sportsman, Pro-Stock and Mini-Stock.

Laurent Ladouceur took the early lead in the 100-lap Canadian Nationals as they were able to complete 1 lap as Chris Herbison flipped in turn 2 and red was out. Herbison was ok. Ladouceur in front as Yan Bussiere and Stephane Lafrance were running behind him as Dexter Stacey was not able to put his car on gear and Steve Bernier hit him hard on the frontstretch and a second red flag was out on lap 4. Bernier sustained heavy damage but he was ok. Ladouceur in front as Lafrance was able to pass Bussiere for second. Bussiere bobbled in turn 4 and Joel Doiron took third on lap 10. Caution was out on lap 14 for Kyle Dingwall. The top 3 remained the same as Chris Raabe joined the lead pack. Dingwall got off the speedway in turn 1 and yellow was out on lap 28. Ladouceur resisted to a charge from Lafrance as Raabe jumped to third on the following restart. Patrice Demers stopped in the infield on lap 46 and yellow lights were out. Lafrance took the lead over Ladouceur, Raabe, Carey Terrance and Doiron at the halfway point with Steve Bernard stopping on lap 52 slowing the field down. Lafrance was able to build a great lead over the field as Chris Raabe had issues and headed to the pits with 65 laps completed. Terrance got closer to Lafrance as Mario Clair was on the backbumper of Ladouceur for third place with 30 laps to go. Terrance to the lead on lap 77 over Lafrance just before Gage Morin slowed in the back shoot. Terrance got a good avantage over Lafrance as Ladouceur was still holding third. Bad luck for Joel Doiron as he lost a wheel in turn 2 with 5 laps to go bringing the field together. Terrance, Lafrance and Laurent Ladouceur to the front as they finished in that order as Terrance collected his fourth feature of the season.

In the Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Feature, Stephane Lebrun took the lead in the early stage of the 20-lap event as a pair of Dave`s in Seguin and Bissonnette were behind the leader as the event got to halfway point. Bissonnette got a contact with Lebrun as he sustained a flat tire while leading with 5 laps to go. Bissonnette was sent to fourth with rough riding over Lebrun. Bissonnette was able to get back to the front as Rock Aubin raced hard from the top lane and passed Bissonnette on the last lap and won his second feature of the season.

The night ended with the 20-lap Wheeler-Forget Royal Lepage Sportsman Feature as the first lap was completed with Jean-Nicholas Gareau in the lead. Mike Stacey got by Gareau on the following lap as Thomas Cook and Mike Maresca were in the top 3. Wheeler made his way into second spot at the halfway point and chased down Stacey for the lead. Louie Jacksonjr found something on the outside groove and quickly made his way to the front taking second with 3 laps to go as caution came out. Jackson used the same lane to pass Stacey on the final lap and got his first feature win over Stacey and Wheeler.

In the 25-lap Mod-Lite Feature event, local runner Daniel Desnoyers took the lead as Stephane Bernier took a hard flip and red flag was out, Bernier was ok. Patrick Bell took the lead as Jeff May was in second spot. May to the lead on lap 4 as Paul Klager joined the top 3. Klager used the inside lane and passed Bell for second. A second red was out on lap 12 as two cars flipped in turn 2 with both drivers being ok. May to the lead as Klager was close behind the leader. May and Klager were the class of the field as a good battle for this third was going on. May led the rest of the way and got the win over Paul Klager and Eric Desilets completing the podium.

In the 12-lap Mini-Stock Feature, Jean-Francois Page storms to the lead as first caution came on lap 2 for Marc Chartrand. Page to the lead over Marc Dagenais and Riley McMonagle as both drivers had a heated battle. Page went on to lead the whole event and captured his first ever feature in the Mini-Stock division.

Next week Cayer Motor Sales will present a full show for all divisions along with a 25-lap Mini-Stock Feature as championship battles will continue.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Jiffy Auto Services Canadian Nationals Modified Feature (100 laps)

Carey Terrance, Stephane Lafrance, Laurent Ladouceur, Ryan Arbuthnot, Brian McDonald, Mario Clair, Dany Bilodeau, Lance Willix, Gabriel Richer, Joel Doiron, Bill Mullin, Gage Morin, David Papineau, Marc Therrien, Patrice Demers, Chris Raabe, Yan Bussiere, Steve Bernard, Kyle Dingwall, Steve Bernier, Dexter Stacey, Kyle Wilson, Chris Herbison, Randy Chrysler (DNS), Charlie Rice (DNS)

Wheeler-Forget Royal Lepage Sportsman Feature Results (20 laps)

Louie Jackson, Mike Stacey, Corey Wheeler, Mike Maresca, Joey Ladouceur, Shane Pecore, Justin Lalancette, Gilles Godard, Thomas Cook, Dillon Sallows, Tristan Draper, David Andre, Scott McGill, Ricky Thompson, Ryan Stabler, Mitch Primeau, Brianna Ladouceur, Brad Winters, Jean-Nicholas Gareau, Jasmine David, Pascal Daigle, Billy Cook, Robert Delormier

Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Feature Results (20 laps)

Rock Aubin, Dave Bissonnette, Stephane Lebrun, Trevor Gaucher, Terry Ladouceur, Dave Seguin, Charles-David Beauchamp, Shawn Johnston, Marc Lalonde, Jocelyn Roy, Claude Parisien, George Renaud, Rosco Garreau, Dave Rogers

Mod-Lite Quebec Special Event Feature Results (25 laps)

Jeff May, Paul Klager, Eric Desilets, Dan Desnoyers, Rejean Lemieux, Michael Dion, Patrick Maltais, Martin Fleurent, Brad Reif, Steve Raabe, Pascal Lafreniere, Karine Thibault, Stephane Bernier

Mini-Stock Feature Results (12 laps)

JF Page, Marc Dagenais, Francis Desjardins, Justin Desrosiers, Steve Morin, Elizabeth Gauthier, Riley McMonagle, Marc Chartrand, Alexis Charbonneau, Chris James, Sylvain Frenette