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Jiffy Auto Services Triple Crown this Sunday at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Jiffy Auto Services Triple Crown this Sunday at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Wednesday, August 27, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – One of most busiest and most important evening of 2014 will occur this Sunday at Cornwall Motor Speedway as we will crown 10 different champions with 5 track champions, 3 series and 2 mini-series, will come to an end on Jiffy Auto Services Triple Crown Night. A few drivers are also in good position to take both the track title and also the series in their respective division.

The Jiffy Auto Services Modified division will see a new driver in the champion seat as Chris Raabe currently leads Stephane Lafrance by 16 points. Currently third, Carey Terrace will look to finish strong having only 18 points behind the leader. To add to the challenge, it will be the final round of the Canadian Nationals paired with the 4th race of the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series as 125 laps will be completed. Mario Clair currently has a 33-point edge over Lafrance in the Canadian Nationals title. The Doiron Engineering Heat Points Championship will also end with Raabe leading over Terrance and Brian McDonald. Several invaders will be at the speedway to try and win the coveted $5,000.

Important evening also for the Wheeler –Forget Royal Lepage Sportsman category with a 40-lap event on tap also counting towards the Seaway-Lussier and GM Performance Sportsman Series as several drivers will be looking for a good result in this event to cash in some extra money. A battle between two drivers will come to an end as only 4 points separates Shane Pecore and Corey Wheeler. Pecore will need to perform well as he also leads the way in the Seaway-Lussier Series with only 3 points over defending champion Mathieu Desjardins.

The 40-lap event that will end both the Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Championship and the Mohawk Race Parts Pro-Stock Series as we will see 2 different champions crowned with Dave Bissonnette having a comfortable lead in the track championship but was not a regular on the Mohawk tour. A battle between two Stephane as Lebrun and Lemire are in the hunt for the Mohawk title with Lebrun winning this championship in 2013. Bissonnette and Lebrun and tied in the RSI Industrial Supplies heat championship.

Junior Delormier only needs to finish the 15-lap Laminacorr Feature event and will be crowned the 2014 division champion.

A similar scenario for the 12-lap Mini-Stock feature as Chris James has a 30-point lead over second place.

Intermission time will be filled with several draws involving drivers that participated in all events of the respective Canadian Nationals, Seaway and Mohawk Race Parts Series. Nearly $20,000 in prize and money will be given during that time.

Pit Gates will open at 2:30pm with general admission opening at 4pm. The first heat is scheduled for 6pm. General Admission will costs 30$ with children 18 years and under only 2$, seniors 65 and over will be 15$ and Pit Admission will be $40.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for contests over the next few weeks.

Triple Couronne Jiffy Auto Service ce dimanche au Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Triple Couronne Jiffy Auto Service ce dimanche au Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Mercredi 27 août, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – Une des soirées les plus occupées et plus importante de la saison aura lieu ce dimanche du côté du Cornwall Motor Speedway avec 10 champions qui seront connus incluant les 5 vainqueurs dans les divisions régulières et également les champions dans les 3 différentes séries et également des mini-séries internes durant la soirée Triple Couronne Jiffy Auto Service. Quelques pilotes sont en position de remporter le titre de champion mais également le championnat dans la série.

La division Modifié Jiffy Auto Services aura un nouveau champion dimanche alors que Chris Raabe mène le championnat avec une priorité de 16 points sur Stephane Lafrance. Présentement au 3e rang, Carey Terrance tentera de connaître une solide performance lui qui est 18 points derrière Raabe. Pour ajouter au défi, ce sera la dernière manche de la série Canadian Nationals qui sera en conjoncture avec la 4e manche de la série DIRTcar 358-Modifié avec une finale de 125 tours. Mario Clair détient une avance de 33 points sur Lafrance dans la course au titre. La mini-série des qualifications Doiron Engineering prendra également fin avec Raabe menant devant Terrance et Brian McDonald. Plusieurs visiteurs sont attendus dimanche pour tenter de remporter la somme de $5,000.

Soirée doublement importante pour la division Sportsman Wheeler-Forget Royal Lepage avec le championnat prenant fin et également la dernière manche de la série Seaway-Lussier GM Performance alors qu’une finale de 40 tours y sera disputée. Une bataille à 2 pilotes est à finir alors que Shane Pecore et Corey Wheeler ont seulement 4 points entre les 2 pilotes. Pecore devra mettre les bouchées doubles alors qu’il est aux commandes de la série Seaway-Lussier, avec seulement 3 points de priorité sur le champion défendant Mathieu Desjardins.

La finale de 40 tours qui complètera la saison régulière de la division Home Hardware Pro-Stock et également la série Mohawk Race Parts couronnera 2 champions différents alors que Dave Bissonnette est bien selle pour le championnat de piste mais n’a pas été régulier dans la série Mohawk. Un duo de Stéphane, soit Lebrun et Lemire sont en lutte pour le titre de la série Mohawk, Lebrun étant le champion défendant. Bissonnette et Lebrun sont aussi à égalité dans la mini-série en qualification RSI Industrial Supplies.

Junior Delormier n’a qu’à compléter la finale de 15 tours Laminacorr Industries en Semi-Pro et il sera le nouveau champion de la division pour 2014.

Un scénario similaire se dessine pour la finale de 12 tours Mini-Stock alors que Chris James a 30 points d’avance sur son plus proche poursuivant.

L’intermission sera comblée par les différents tirages pour les pilotes qui auront participé à 100% des épreuves dans les séries Canadian Nationals, Seaway ainsi que Mohawk Race Parts, près de $20,000 en prix et argent seront remis.

Il ne coûtera que 30$ aux adultes en admission générale pour assister au programme, l’âge d’or seulement 15$ et les étudiants de 18 ans et moins, 2$. Pour accéder aux puits, le coût sera de 40$. L’ouverture des puits est prévue pour 14h30 alors que l’admission générale sera ouverte à compter de 16h00 avec l’action débutant exceptionnellement à 18h00.

Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez visiter le site web au, ajoutez nous sur Facebook au ou bien joignez vous sur Twitter sous le compte @cornwalspeedway, nous utiliserons les réseaux sociaux pour effectuer des tirages au cours des mois à venir.

Carey Terrance collects his fifth win of the year at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Carey Terrance collects his fifth win of the year at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, August 17, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – The Cornwall Motor Speedway was back in action this Sunday evening with a full program in all divisions along with the Bandit Motorsports Pro-Stock Dash for Cash. Jim Performance Plus was the main sponsor of the night.

In the 30-lap Jiffy Auto Services Modified Feature, Kyle Dingwall took the lead over Gabriel Richer and Laurent Ladouceur. Joel Doiron made his way up in the top 3 on lap 4. With 9 laps completed, Dingwall had a full stretch lead over Ladouceur as Lance Willix slowed the field down by stopping in turn 2. Dingwall in the lead when Brian McDonald went off the speedway while in battle for third and yellow was out on lap 12. With 1 lap shy from halfway point, an accident involving 3 cars occurred in the backstretch, all the cars were able to move on their own power. Dingwall had another strong restart over Ladouceur and Chris Raabe now on the last step of the podium. Ladouceur surprised Dingwall on lap 25 restart as Carey Terrance is on the charge on the high side moving up to second. Terrance made a perfect slide job on Ladouceur on the final lap and collected his fifth feature of the season over the veteran Ladouceur and Dingwall finished third.

Jasmine David led the way in the 20-lap Wheeler-Forget Royal Lepage Sportsman Feature as Ricky Thompson used the outside lane to pass David on the second lap. Thompson checked out in the lead as Justin Lalancette brought the caution at the halfway point. Thompson in front as Corey Wheeler moved up to third after starting in the 13th spot with 5 laps to go. Thompson in front with Wheeler and Joey Ladouceur now running in third as Wheeler charged Thompson in the final lap but Ricky Thompson headed to victory circle for the first time this season over Wheeler and Ladouceur.

In the 20-lap Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock feature, Charles-David Beauchamp wasted no time and grabbed the lead on lap 3 from Trevor Gaucher. George Renaud used a lap 7 restart and passed Beauchamp for the lead as Jocelyn Roy was in contention. Beauchamp went back in front at the halfway point with Roy and Renaud in battle for second. Beauchamp resisted to final charge from Roy and got his second win of the season over Roy and Renaud completed the podium.

A dozen cars took the initial green in the 15-lap Laminacorr Semi-Pro Feature; Adam Delormier was strong in front as Bruno Richard quickly jumped to second after starting in seventh spot. Patrick Lalonde went airborne and landed on Derek Cryderman`s hood and the red flag came out on lap 6, both drivers were ok. Delormier stayed in front with Pascal Racette moving up to second. Delormier led the entire time and won his first event of the season over Racette and Junior Delormier.

Jean-Francois Page was the early leader as he got passed by Chris James as the first caution came out on lap 4. Francis Desjardins was able to get by James as Elisabeth Gauthier was in third at halfway point. Desjardins led the final portion and won his second event of the season over James and Gauthier.

A very busy Sunday next week as a total of 6 classes will be on hand with the Sprint Car challenge between the Patriot and SOS association, a special 35-lap Sportsman event, the visit of the Vintage and SpeedSTR division and a regular show in the Pro-Stock and Mini-Stock.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Jiffy Auto Services Modified Feature (30 laps)

Carey Terrance, Laurent Ladouceur, Kyle Dingwall, Chris Raabe, Joel Doiron, Brian McDonald, Stephane Lafrance, Gage Morin, Chris Herbison, Gabriel Richer, Bill Mullin, Kevin Bates, Marc Therrien, David Papineau, Charlie Rice, Lance Willix, Matt Woodruff

Wheeler-Forget Royal Lepage Sportsman Feature Results (20 laps)

Ricky Thompson, Corey Wheeler, Joey Ladouceur, Shane Pecore, Jasmine David, Ryan Stabler, Thomas Cook, Louie Jackson, Mike Maresca, Mitch Primeau, Miguel Peterson, Jean-Nicholas Gareau, Dillon Sallows, Gilles Godard, Mike Stacey, Tristan Draper, Scott McGill, Billy Cook, Daryll Mitchell, David Andre, Adam Rozon, Justin Lalancette, Robert Delormier

Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Feature Results (20 laps)

Charles-David Beauchamp, Jocelyn Roy, George Renaud, Dave Bissonnette, PJ Peters, Stephane Lebrun, Rosco Garreau, Claude Parisien, Trevor Gaucher, Marc Lalonde, Steve Johnston, Rock Aubin, Shawn Johnston, Chris Tremblay, Terry Ladouceur, Dave Seguin

Laminacorr Semi-Pro Feature Results (15 laps)

Adam Delormier, Pascal Racette, Junior Delormier, Mathieu Aubin, Richard Brady, Cory White, Marc-Andre Robertson, Anthony Perron, Bruno Richard, Patrick Lalonde, Derek Cryderman, Alex Soucy

Mini-Stock Feature Results (12 laps)

Francis Desjardins, Chris James, Elizabeth Gauthier, Marc Dagenais, Justin Desrosiers, Steve Morin, Sylvain Frenette, Bruno Lafontaine, JF Page, Alexis Charbonneau, Shawn McLean, Maxime Blais, Teddy Baird, Marc Chartrand, Riley McMonagle