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Martin Pelletier new champion of the Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge!

Cornwall, Ont – Monday, August 10, 2015 – Martin Bélanger – We now know one champion at Cornwall Motor Speedway, his name is Martin Pelletier! He is the champion of the new Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge that was created this season.

Consistency was key for Pelletier as he never finished worse than 6th in all four feature events and also collected some valuable points in the qualifying rounds without winning any feature as he was crowned the first recipient of the Sportsman Challenge sponsored by Bandit Motorsports. Pelletier finished in front by a slight 5 points margin over the third race winner, Corey Wheeler. Jessica Power who had three top 5 in the first 3 events completed the top 3 finishing with 14 points behind Pelletier. Louie Jackson with four top 8 and Mathieu Desjardins with 2 wins in the series, completes the top 5.

Pelletier will collect a nice $1,000 for his championship, with Wheeler receiving $750, Power $500 as both Jackson and Desjardins will get a 2016 Cornwall Motor Speedway, season pass.

The series was strong in the car count with an average of 35 cars per event, some of the best in the business with several track champions and having some drivers that are already in double digits in the win column in 2015 with Pelletier and Desjardins. This made for great racing in each race.

There are still 2 big events for the Sportsman this year at Cornwall with the Seaway-Lussier Sportsman Series on August 23rd, another strong series with Pelletier looking to win a second local series title leading over Pecore and Alex Lajoie, this series is average 36 cars per event after 4 races. Probably the most important race for many drivers will be on September 6, when the DIRTcar Sportsman Series will make a stop at Cornwall with a 50-lap event, Desjardins, currently leads this series that includes 15 other nights all over the DIRTcar circuit.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Corey Wheeler and Mathieu Desjardins splits Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, August 9, 2015 – Martin Bélanger – The Cornwall Motor Speedway was back in action for the final round of the Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge with twin 50s feature along with a dash for cash for Pro-Stock and a full program on Alexandria Home Hardware night.

In the first of two 50-lap Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge, an accident occurred on the initial lap sending Robert Delormier to the pits. On the green, Jessica Power took the green over Corey Winters and Justin Lalancette. On a lap 8 restart, Power had Lalancette running with her, Lalancette running the top side and got the lead on lap 14 with Tristan Draper now in third. At halfway point, Lalancette, Power, Corey Wheeler, Johnathon Ferguson and Ricky Thompson the top 5. Lap traffic played in for Lalancette as Power took back the lead on lap 29. Lalancette back to the lead on a lap 32 restart with Wheeler making his way to second just before an accident occurred with Tyler Givogue and Adam Rozon involved. Lalancette and Wheeler ran side by side as Wheeler pick up the lead for good winning the feature in front of Lalancette and Power.

Mathieu Desjardins wasted no time in the second 50-lap Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge and took the lead with Ricky Thompson and Shane Pecore the top 3. Desjardins still in the lead with Ricky Thompson in second with Louie Jackson making his way up to third spot. Desjardins pulled away from the field with 20 laps to go. Desjardins resisted a few cautions and never looked back to collect his third win of the season at Cornwall and second in the Sportsman Challenge. Shane Pecore and Louie Jackson completed the podium.

Gabriel Richer took the early lead in the 30-lap Bandit Motorsports Modified feature over Chris Herbison and Kyle Dingwall. Herbison used the inside lane and grabbed the lead on lap 7. Carey Terrance was the fastest car on the track as he joined the leaders by halfway point and moved up to second with less than 10 laps to go. Using his usual high lane, Terrance grabbed the lead on lap 27 and won his third feature of the season over Herbison and Gage Morin who made a final run in the final laps to complete the top 3.

In the 20-lap Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock, Rosco Garreau led the first 5 laps as CD Beauchamp was able to take the lead making a great move in turn 4. At halfway point, Beauchamp led the way with Garreau and Dave Bissonnette the top 3.

A great race in the Polar Sound DJ Services 12-lap feature as Bob Ray took the early lead as Mike Gaucher was able to make his through the field and was running on the backbumper of Ray. The leader started to lose power on the last lap and Gaucher was able to pass him and took a second feature in a row over JF Page and Ray rounding out the top 3.

The final Super Series Starter event for the modified will be run next week with the winner getting a guaranteed starting spot in the Salute the Troops 150 at Super DIRT Week 44 in Syracuse this coming October. The Semi-Pro and Sportsman will have their Dash for Cash along with a full show in the other divisions.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Bandit Motorsports Modified Results (30 laps)
Carey Terrance, Chris Herbison, Gage Morin, Gabriel Richer, Kyle Dingwall, Lance Willix, Mario Clair, Lee Ladouceur, Simon Perreault, Brian McDonald, Matt Woodruff, David Papineau, Charlie Rice, Roger Levesque, Bruno Lepage, Doug Haldane, Stephane Lafrance

Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge Results Feature #1 (50 laps)
Corey Wheeler, Justin Lalancette, Jessica Power, Louie Jackson, Cory Winters, Martin Pelletier, Johnaton Ferguson, Brianna Ladouceur, Mike Stacey, Mathieu Desjardins, Shane Pecore, Mathieu Bardier, Gilles Godard, Billy Cook, Steve Morris, Emmanuel St-Denis, Tom Jock, Justin Lalancette, Darryl Mitchell, Ricky Thompson, Greg Snyder, Marc L’Esperance, Gabriel Cyr, Jenna David, Adam Rozon, Tyler Givogue, Tristan Draper, Jason Shipclark, Joey Ladouceur, Scott Mcgill, Robert Delormier

Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge Results Feature #2 (50 laps)
Mathieu Desjardins, Shane Pecore, Louie Jackson, Martin Pelletier, Justin Lalancette, Johnaton Ferguson, Steve Morris, Corey Wheeler, Ricky Thompson, Cory Winters, Mike Stacey, Jason Shipclark ,Brianna Ladouceur, Jessica Power, Adam Rozon, Mathieu Bardier, Gilles Godard, Joey Ladouceur, Emmanuel St-Denis, Billy Cook, Justin Lalancette, Gabriel Cyr, Tom Jock, Scott Mcgill, Marc L’Esperance, Darryl Mitchell, Greg Snyder

Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Results (20 laps)
CD Beauchamp, Jocelyn Roy, Dave Bissonnette, Ghislain Valade, Rosco Garreau, George Renaud, Kevin Fetterly, Stephane Lebrun, Claude Parisien, Trevor Gaucher, Rock Aubin, Marc Lalonde, Dave Rogers, Dave Seguin, Terry Ladouceur

Polar Sound DJ Services Mini-Stock Results (12 laps)
Mike Gaucher, JF Page, Bob Ray, Riley McGonagle, Alexis Charbonneau, Chris James, Marc Dagenais, Justin Desrosiers, Francis Blanchette, Eric Brousseau, Brandon Holliday, Skylar Ladouceur, Jean-Pierre Jeanneault, Paul Deblois

Bonus Program
Olson Fab Halfway Modified Bonus Award: Chris Herbison
Total Race Supply Halfway Sportsman Bonus Award: Justin Lalancette
Bandit Motorsports Halfway Mini-Stock Bonus Award: Bob Ray
MacEwen Halfway Pro-Stock Bonus Award: CD Beauchamp
Pizza-Pizza Hard-Charger Award: Carey Terrance
Pizza-Pizza Hard-Luck Award: Stephane Lafrance
VP Race Fuels Miss the Podium Award Sportsman: Ghisl

Final round of Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge this Sunday at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Wednesday, August 5, 2015 – Martin Bélanger – The Sportsman will write history this Sunday at Cornwall Motor Speedway in participating in the first event twin 50-lap event ever presented in the Sportsman division being part of the final round of the Bandit Motorsports Sportsman Challenge. A Dash for Cash for Pro-Stock will be done at intermission time for them along with a regular night of racing for Modified, Pro-Stock and Mini-Stock on Alexandria Home Hardware Night.

Martin Pelletier currently ranks first in the Sportsman Challenge championship hunt that will pay $1,000 to the champion, 750$ to the second, $500 to third as fourth and fifth will receive a 2016 pit pass for Cornwall. Pelletier who currently has his best season in his career with 9 wins to his credit has a very slight margin over Jessica Power. Current point’s leader in the season championship, Corey Wheeler is third with Joey Ladouceur and Mathieu Desjardins rounding out the top 5. These drivers will want consistent runs in both 50-lap events in order to prevent Louie Jackson, Shane Pecore or Justin Lalancette to move up in the money positions. Looking for another healthy field of cars as the first rounds had attracted 33 and 37 drivers respectively.

In the Bandit Motorsports Modified, Carey Terrance has built himself a very comfortable lead of 84 points over Stephane Lafrance. Terrance is looking for a second title in row in the Modified ranks at Cornwall. A 30-lap affair is on the schedule.

Looking to add another title to his collection, Dave Bissonnette leads the Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock division by only 16 points over Ghislain Valade and 18 on George Renaud. Making a return to the speedway after a week absence, the Pro-Stock will run their Dash for Cash at intermission with Marc Lalonde, Rock Aubin, CD Beauchamp, Rosco Garreau, George Renaud and Kevin Fetterly composing the field that will take part in the 6-lap dash.

The Polar Sound DJ Services Mini-Stock division will lead the complete the evening with a 12-lap feature event as J-F Page is leading with a 21-point lead over Marc Dagenais and with defending Mini-Stock champion Chris James in third.

Admission costs will be 20$ for adults in general admission, 10$ for seniors and only 2$ for kids 16 years and under. Pit entry costs will be 30$. The gates will open at 3:00pm to allow hauler parking and general admission gates will open at 5:30pm with the first qualifying race at 7pm as time trials for Sportsman will start at 6:30pm.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over