Carey Terrance wins the Triple Crown and capture the 2014 track title at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Carey Terrance wins the Triple Crown and capture the 2014 track title at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Carey Terrance wins the Triple Crown and capture the 2014 track title at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Monday, September 1, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – The Cornwall Motor Speedway was back in action during the special holiday Monday with the Jiffy Auto Service Triple Crown with the final race for the Canadian Nationals Modified Series along with the last race for the Seaway-Lussier GM Performance Sportsman Series, the Mohawk Race Parts Pro-Stock Series and the final point’s night in Semi-Pro and Mini-Stock divisions.

In the Jiffy Auto Service 125, Erick Rudolph took the early lead over Mario Clair. The first caution occurred on lap 2 as Marc Therrien stopped in turn 4. While Rudolph was in the lead, Chris Raabe and Carey Terrance were on the move as they were now behind the leader as the feature hit the 15-lap mark. Rudolph got in to lap traffic at lap 25 as he was building a good lead over Raabe and Stephane Lafrance who passed Terrance. A great battle for second spot between Raabe and Lafrance as the #115 car was able to take second in heavy traffic on lap 32. Caution was out on the speedway on lap 50 as Paul Hamel stopped in the backstretch. A strong start for Rudolph as Lafrance and Carey Terrance are still running good with last year’s DIRTcar 358-Modified rookie of the year, Ryan Arbuthnot in fourth.  A caution occurred on lap 72 for Dexter Stacey bringing the field to a stop on this yellow flag for the 10-minute mandatory pit stop on lap 75. Pit crews were allowed on the track and make adjustments to their cars.

On the green, Rudolph in the lead with Lafrance on his backbumper while Terrance, Arbuthnot and Mike Bowman completing the top 5. While running in contention, Chris Raabe lost his chances in winning the Cornwall track title as runner-up in the in the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series, Mario Clair headed to the pits, Clair was also leading the Canadian Nationals Series before the start of this race. Rudolph holding the lead over Terrance on lap 90 restart as Stephane Lafrance was in third. Roger Levesque brought the caution out. With 25 laps to go, Rudolph was challenged by Terrance with Lafrance being a spectator in third. Terrance used the outside lane and passed Rudolph for the lead on lap 110. Erick Rudolph got tangled in lap 118 and lost his strong position and yellow was out. A lap 121 caution occurred in turn 2 bringing the field together. Terrance had a great start and led the final 3 laps to capture the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series Race and the Cornwall Motor Speedway track title. Terrance finished in front of Lafrance and Arbuthnot completed the top 3. Lafrance was able to win his second Canadian Nationals title with Chris Raabe winning the Doiron Cup for the heat points.

Mathieu Desjardins was the early leader in the 40-lap Seaway-Lussier Sportsman Series as Tristan Draper brought the first caution on lap 4. Desjardins had company in front as Robert Delormier took the lead for about 10 laps as Desjardins charged back with Shane Pecore in battle for third spot with Dylan Evoy as a few cautions slowed the field down in the first portion of the event. On lap 18 restart, Dylan Evoy jumped to the lead as the feature reached the halfway point. Mitch Primeau went on his roof in turn 2 and red flag was out on lap 21. Shane Pecore headed to the pits changing the point leaving a great position. Evoy stayed in first on the restart with Desjardins and Corey Wheeler behind the leader. Wheeler took the inside lane and passed Desjardins on lap 32 for second and charged on Evoy. Justin Lalancette was in mix also passing Desjardins for third. Evoy went on to win his first feature of the season over Wheeler and Lalancette. Wheeler won his first track title after finishing second as Mathieu Desjardins secured the Seaway-Lussier Sportsman Series.

In the 40-lap Mohawk Race Parts, Stéphane Lebrun took the lead over Dave Bissonnette, both drivers had a battle for the first 15 laps with Charles-David Beauchamp joining the mix at that time, Beauchamp passes Bissonnette and gets by Lebrun for the lead on lap 18. Beauchamp and Bissonnette had a good fight in the last portion with Stephane Lemire in the lead pack. Stéphane Lebrun hit Bissonnette on the last lap and Lemire got by to take second while Jocelyn Roy completes the top 3. Even with the accident Bissonnette, claimed his second track title in a row while Lemire won his first Mohawk Race Parts Series. Bissonnette also won the RSI Heat Championship.

The 15-lap Laminacorr Semi-Pro feature saw Patrick Lalonde taking the lead as Alex Soucy spun out in turn 4. Lalonde lost control in turn 4 giving the lead to Derek Cryderman. Several cautions occurred in the final portion of the event but Cryderman managed to stay in front and won his fifth event of the season. Junior Delormier captured the 2014 track championship.

In the 12-lap Mini-Stock feature, Marc Chartrand was the early leader over JF Pagé and Elizabeth Gauthier. Justin Desrosiers found something on the top side as he got second spot. The first caution came on lap 9 as Riley McGonagle stopped in the backstretch. On the restart Desrosiers passes Chartrand and claims his third feature of the season. Chris James is the 2014 Mini-Stock champion.

A total of nearly $20,000 in prize were given the intermission, Mario Clair won the Bicknell Chassis, Stephane Lafrance the barrel of VP Fuel, Yan Bussiere left the speedway with 2 Hoosier tires and Kyle Dingwall, Ryan Arbuthnot, Brian McDonald, Chris Raabe and Chris Herbison each left with a 100$ envelop. In the Seaway-Lussier Sportsman Series, Wyatt Mullin won the crate engine, Martin Pelletier left with the barrel of VP Fuels, Gilles Godard won the 2 Hoosier tires, Shane Pecore, Sebastien Bourque, Mathieu Desjardins, Dany Gagné and Kaven Poliquin won the 100$ envelopes. In the Mohawk Pro-Stock, Stephane Lemire won the body, with Stephane Lebrun winning the Barrel of fuel, Marc Lalonde won the 2 Hoosier Tires as George Renaud, C-D Beauchamp, Rock Aubin, Jocelyn Roy and Guy Viens each won a 100$ envelop.

Next week, a very popular event for the family as the Fireball Enduro will occur with between 250 and 300 cars expected and fun for everyone, the racing will start at 2pm.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Canadian Nationals Modified Series Feature Results (125 laps)

Carey Terrance, Stephane Lafrance, Ryan Arbuthnot, Yan Bussiere, Gage Morin, Mike Bowman, Kyle Dingwall, Bill Mullin, Dany Bilodeau, Lance Willix, Mario Clair, Erick Rudolph, Joel Doiron, Brian McDonald, Laurent Ladouceur, Gabriel Richer, Charlie Rice, Dexter Stacey, Roger Levesque, David Papineau, Paul Hamel, Chris Herbison, Chris Raabe, Kevin Hamel, Steve Bernier, Marc Therrien, David Hebert (DNS)

Seaway-Lussier GM Performance Sportsman Series Results (40 laps)

Dylan Evoy, Corey Wheeler, Justin Lalancette, Mathieu Desjardins, Jason Shipclark, Ryan Stabler, Etienne Cournoyer, Kaven Poliquin, Robert Delormier, Corey Winters, James Friesen, Joey Ladouceur, Louie Jackson, Mike Maresca, Jonathan Ferguson, Adam Rozon, Shane Pecore, Scott McGill, Shayne Sterns, Mike Stacey, Sebastien Bourque, Thomas Cook, Gilles Godard, Patrice Dumouchel, Wyatt Mullin, Brianna Ladouceur, Ricky Thompson, Tristan Draper, Dillon Sallows, Mitch Primeau

Mohawk Race Parts Pro-Stock Series Feature Results (40 laps)

Charles-David Beauchamp, Stephane Lemire, Jocelyn Roy, PJ Peters, Rosco Garreau, Guy Viens, Dave Seguin, Terry Ladouceur, Rock Aubin, Dave Bissonnette, Shawn Johnston, Stephane Lebrun, George Renaud, Claude Parisien, Marc Lalonde, Steve Johnston, Trevor Gaucher

Laminacorr Semi-Pro Feature Results (15 laps)

Derek Cryderman, Mathieu Aubin, Junior Delormier, Richard Brady, Patrick Lalonde, Anthony Perron, Alex Gagnon,  Steve Daigneault, Chad McArthur, Adam Delormier, Alex Soucy

Mini-Stock Feature Results (12 laps)

Justin Desrosiers, Marc Chartrand, JF Page, Elizabeth Gauthier, Marc Dagenais, Steve Morin, Francis Desjardins, Josh Kirkland, Chris James, Mike Gaucher, Jonathan Abbott, Sylvain Frenette, Shawn McLean, Paul Deblois, Riley McMonagle