Raabe, Pecore, Lebrun, Cryderman and Dagenais, winners at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Raabe, Pecore, Lebrun, Cryderman and Dagenais, winners at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Raabe, Pecore, Lebrun, Cryderman and Dagenais, winners at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, June 15, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – A great evening of racing on Father`s day at Cornwall Motor Speedway as a full show was on the schedule sponsored by Mike Graham Masonry, a special attraction for the kids during intermission time as they had their annual tire`s race.

In the Jiffy Auto Services 30-lap Modified feature, Joel Doiron took the lead as the yellow came on lap 1 for David Papineau. Doiron in the lead with Laurent Ladouceur taking second, while running for third, Brian McDonald spun in turn two on lap #6. Doiron still first as Chris Raabe charged to second as a 3-car accident occurred with 22 laps to go. Raabe had the car to beat as he took first on the following green as Dale Planck was now running in fourth as Carey Terrance joined him at the halfway point as they had a great battle for third. Raabe saw his great lead vanished with 9 to go as Doiron slowed the field down. Raabe had Terrance on his back bumper until for second until Terrance got a left rear flat bringing yellow with 3 laps to go. Raabe led the final laps with Planck, Ladouceur, Stephane Lafrance and Gage Morin completing the top 5.

Claude Parisien was the initial leader in the 20-lap Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock feature. C-D Beauchamp brought the caution out on lap 3. Marc Lalonde had a strong start on the green and took the spot with Rock Aubin running in third. Lalonde still the leader at the halfway point with Aubin racing hard for second spot with Parisien. Stephane Lebrun joined the leader pack with 5 laps go as took the high lane to take second. Lebrun got closer to Lalonde with 2 laps to go. Lebrun was too fast for Lalonde and came in first winning his second feature in a row over Lalonde and Parisien completed the podium.

A full field of 24 cars took the initial green in the 20-lap Tracy Wheeler Storm Realty Sportsman feature as Steve Coté was the leader; Dillon Sallows spun in turn 3 and yellow was out with 1 lap in. On the restart, Louie Jackson Jr, jumps to the lead and led 8 laps until Adam Rozon brought the yellow. Jackson is still the leader as Mitch Primeau was third. Shane Pecore made a great move from the inside lane on lap 13 and took second. Pecore used the same move to pass Jackson with 5 laps to go. Pecore never looked back and scored his second feature of the season over Jackson and Primeau.

Derek Cryderman took command in the 15-lap Luminacorr Semi-Pro feature; Cryderman got a sizeable lead over Nick Gauvreau and Pascal Racette. Cryderman led the first 13 laps as Gauvreau stopped in turn 4. Cryderman was able to resist a late charge from Racette to win his first event of the season over Racette and Junior Delormier.

The 12-lap Mini-Stock feature saw Elizabeth Gauthier take the early lead as she spun out in turn 2 on the second lap giving the lead to Marc Dagenais as Corbin Millar`s car caught in fire in the engine bay. On the restart, Chris James took the lead as Francis Blanchette came on strong and took second and set eyes on the leader. Red flag came out on lap 8 as Natacha Lebrun landed on her roof in the backstretch, no injuries for Natacha. On the final lap, Blanchette pushed a little bit too hard on James and was relegated to third giving the win to Marc Dagenais, his first of the season.

A big program next Sunday evening as the Modifieds will have twin 40s features paying $2,000 to the winner each along with a full program in all other categories.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at www.cornwallspeedway.com you can add us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cornwallspeedway or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Jiffy Auto Services Modified Results (30 laps)

Chris Raabe, Dale Planck, Laurent Ladouceur, Stephane Lafrance, Gage Morin, Michel Chicoine, Gabriel Richer, Simon Perreault, Kyle Dingwall, Brian McDonald, Joel Doiron, Charlie Rice, Carey Terrance, Chris Herbison, Travis Stacey, David Papineau, April Wilson, Bruno Lepage, Marc Therrien

Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Results (20 laps)

Stephane Lebrun, Marc Lalonde, Claude Parisien, Rock Aubin, George Renaud, Dave Bissonnette, Jocelyn Roy, Rosco Garreau, Eli Gilbert, Charles-David Beauchamp, Chris Tremblay, Trevor Gaucher, Shawn Johnston, Dave Seguin, Terry Ladouceur

Tracy Wheeler Storm Realty Sportsman Results (20 laps)

Shane Pecore, Louie Jackson, Mitch Primeau, Corey Wheeler, Justin Lalancette, Steve Cote, Gilles Godard, Robert Delormier, Wyatt Mullin, Mike Stacey, Ricky Thompson, Ryan Stabler, Dillon Sallows, Adam Rozon, Eric Lapointe, Jasmine David, Thomas Cook, Miguel Peterson, Tristan Draper, Jean-Nicholas Gareau, Scott McGill, Joey Ladouceur, Mike Maresca, Jason Shipclark

Luminacorr Industries Semi-Pro Results (15 laps)

Derek Cryderman, Pascal Racette, Junior Delormier, Anthony Perron, Sheldon Hoogwerf, Nicholas Gauvreau, Richard Brady, Nathan Berry (DNS)

Mini-Stock Results (12 laps)

Marc Dagenais, Chris James, Francis Blanchette, Francis Aborameh, JF Page, Francis Desjardins, Marc Chartrand, Elizabeth Gauthier, Jamie Truelove, Steve Morin, Sylvain Frenette, Darryl Mitchell, Natasha Lebrun, Justin Desrosiers, Corbin Miller, Riley McMonagle