Dave Bissonnette and Martin Pelletier DIRTcar Series winners at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Dave Bissonnette and Martin Pelletier DIRTcar Series winners at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Dave Bissonnette and Martin Pelletier DIRTcar Series winners at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, June 1, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – It was DIRTcar Series Doubleheader night at Cornwall Motor Speedway as both the Pro-Stock and Sportsman had their inaugural series race in 2014, each division had a 50-lap event along with full program in all categories on Jiffy Auto Services Night.

DIRTcar Sportsman Series regulars Martin Pelletier and Adam Hilton led the field 31 competitor to the green of the 50-lap event as Pelletier grabs the lead over Hilton as defending series champion was running third.  Rouse quickly took second as Hilton went off the track in turn 4 as the yellow was out on lap 3. Pelletier was able to hold Rouse as Joey Ladouceur was running behind the leaders, Samuel Desrochers lost a wheel in front of the grandstand and caution was back out with 5 laps completed. Pelletier kept the lead as Mathieu Desjardins cracked the top 5. Ladouceur used the high lane to pass Rouse for second on lap 8 as Desjardins did the same thing to him 2 laps later. Jasmine David spun in the front stretch on lap 13 and the third yellow was out. The pair of #92 still in front with Pelletier holding the lead over Ladouceur as a great battle was occurring for third. As they got into heavy traffic, Pelletier tried to avoid contact with a slower car and Ladouceur took the top spot as yellow was out. Pelletier got back in front as the green lights were back; he led Ladouceur, Rouse, Corey Wheeler and Mathieu Desjardins at the halfway point.

Pelletier had the high lane figured out as the feature reached lap 30 while Gilles Godard was now in fifth as Desjardins lost some momentum. A good battle was forming up for second with Rouse taking the position from Ladouceur with 15 laps to go. Pelletier joined slower cars as the feature hit the 40-lap mark. Patrice Dumouchel got out the speedway in turn 4 with 6 laps to go. Pelletier pulled away from the field and led the final laps to win his first DIRTcar Sportsman Series race over Joey Ladouceur and Brad Rouse.

The 50-lap DIRTcar Pro-Stock feature saw PJ Peters and Jocelyn Roy led the field of 22 cars to green as Jocelyn Roy got the lead. One lap was completed as Luke Horning stopped in turn 4. Roy had Peters on his bumper with 5 laps completed as Rosco Garreau and George Renaud had a good fight for third with Stephane Lebrun cracking the front five. Renaud was running strong using the bottom and grabbed the lead on lap 12. A slower car allows Roy to take back the lead on lap 14. Roy pulled away from the field with 20 laps in the books. Defending series champion Dave Bissonnette made his way to fifth on lap 23. The caution was out at the halfway point as Roy still the leader over Renaud, Peters, Bissonnette and Stephane Lemire

On the restart, Roy still the leader with Bissonnette having a great start pulling up to second and challenging for the top spot. Bissonnette was able to take the first place on lap 30 over Roy. The leader got to slower cars with 13 laps to go. Luke Horning got the field together as he stopped in turn 4 with 40 laps completed. Bissonnette had a strong start while Renaud was battling hard to pass Roy for second with 5 laps remaining. Bissonnette led the final portion to capture his first career win in the DIRTcar Pro-Stock Series over Roy and Renaud who completed the podium.

Bruno Lepage was the early leader in the Jiffy Auto Services Modified 30-lap feature event as Laurent Ladouceur and Gage Morin were in a heated battle for second. Morin used the outside lane to pass Lepage on lap 10 as the caution came out on that same lap. On the restart, Stephane Lafrance made a great move passing both Morin and Lepage and grabbed the lead and builds himself a sizeable lead as the halfway point. Lafrance led the other half of the event over Morin, Chris Raabe, Laurent Ladouceur and Chris Herbison completed the top 5.

Derek Cryderman was looking for his first feature race in the Luminacorr Semi-Pro division but he got surprised in the last two laps by Kevin Fetterly jr, who got his second feature in a row.

In the 12-lap Mini-Stock feature, Francis Blanchette was able to take the lead over Francis Desjardins on the second lap; the first half of the feature without any cautions as Natasha Lebrun rolled over in turn 1 and red flag was out. Desjardins did not waste time on the restart as regained the top spot over Blanchette. Desjardins led the last laps to win the event.

Next week the Go Nuclear Late Model Series will be in town for their first visit along with a full program for Modified, Pro-Stock, Semi-Pro and Mini-Stock.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at www.cornwallspeedway.com you can add us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cornwallspeedway or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Jiffy Auto Services Modified Results (30 laps)

Stephane Lafrance, Gage Morin, Chris Raabe, Laurent Ladouceur, Chris Herbison, Bruno Lepage, Brian McDonald, Kyle Dingwall, Carey Terrance, Joel Doiron, Gabriel Richer, Marc Therrien, Kayle Robidoux, Dexter Stacey, David Papineau, April Wilson

DIRTcar Pro-Stock Series Results (50 laps)

Dave Bissonnette, Jocelyn Roy, George Renaud, Rock Aubin, Marc Lalonde, Stephane Lebrun, Claude Parisien, Rosco Garreau, Stephane Lemire, Charles-David Beauchamp, Terry Ladouceur, Dave Seguin, Eli Gilbert, Jocelyn Chicoine, PJ Peters, Alain Brochu, Luke Horning, Trevor Gaucher, Shawn Johnston, Bruno Cyr, Guy Viens, Gus Hollner

DIRTcar Sportsman Series Results (50 laps)

Martin Pelletier, Joey Ladouceur, Brad Rouse, Corey Wheeler, Mathieu Desjardins, Gilles Godard, Shane Pecore, Justin Lalancette, Adam Hilton, Mike Maresca, Ryan Stabler, Jessica Power, Steve Cote, Mike Stacey, Mitch Primeau, Wyatt Mullin, Robert Delormier, Adam Rozon, Patrice Dumouchel, Adam Leslie, Dillon Sallows, Billy Cook, Scott McGill, Jasmine David, Louie Jackson, Jean-Nicholas Gareau, Ricky Thompson, Corey Winters, David Andre, Thomas Cook, Samuel Desrochers

Luminacorr Industries Semi-Pro Results (15 laps)

Kevin Fetterly, Derek Cryderman, Jonathan Galipeau, Junior Delormier, Anthony Perron

Mini-Stock Results (12 laps)

Francis Desjardins, Francis Blanchette, JF Page, Chris James, Francis Aborameh, Justin Desrosiers, Elizabeth Gauthier, Marc Dagenais, Steve Morin, Darryl Mitchell, Riley McMonagle ,Natasha Lebrun