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Monthly Archives: April 2014

News From Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Friday, April 25, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – Here some news about the upcoming season at Cornwall Motor Speedway as we are less than 25 days from opening night !

In preparation for 2014

The annual officials’ meeting was held last weekend to review all track procedures. New track promoter Graham Gordon also took the opportunity to layout the vision of the new owners. The Lavergne family wants to keep Cornwall as one of the top racing facility in North America and they will invest money in the infrastructure such as the front stretch wall and fence to keep the drivers and fans safe. They are also planning in updating the stands in the next couple of seasons.

Several little investments and enhancements will be done at the speedway from now until the end of the season to help move the racing program a little smoother and make sure to provide fans with the best experience possible at the speedway!

Cornwall Centre Road Closed for the summer

Effective April 22, 2014, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has started the replacement of the highway 401 overpass over Cornwall Centre Road. This will have an impact on race teams and fans from eastern Ontario, Quebec that are travelling westbound on the 401 and also everyone travelling from Cornwall. The construction will be done only at the end of October 2014.

People that will take Brookdale Exit 789 on the 401 will need to follow signs leading to Vincent Massey Drive, then follow this route and then turn right on Power Dam Road that will lead up to the Speedway.

For race teams, the same access to Pit Road will be available, for fans, Cornwall Centre Road will be open from Power Dam and access to the main parking lot will be accessible.

Please add an extra 5 to 10 minutes to your travelling plans when coming to Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Special contest on Facebook and Twitter

Social media are really important these and Cornwall Motor Speedway will be more active than ever on both Facebook and Twitter. Live results will be posted every Sunday night for fans that could not attend the races and would like to know what is happening at the track.

A special contest is underway on both Facebook and Twitter; we are trying to boost our fan base up to 3,500 fans on Facebook and up to 500 followers on Twitter. We will have a season pass worth over $250 to be drawn for each social media when we reach one or the other plateau. You can join our facebook page at and Twitter at@cornwalspeedway

Throughout the season, we will continue to update Facebook with useful information about the upcoming races and weekly draws will be done as a pair of general admission tickets will be up for grabs via a weekly questions, fans that will answer the question correctly will be eligible in the draw.

360nitro will be back in 2014!

The popular website will be back next season to cover 5 major events at the speedway with interviews, photos, releases and some bonus coverage will be added. Cornwall Motor Speedway is proud to be a partner with this fast growing website!

For more information on the upcoming events at the speedway, you can visit the website at www.cornwallspeedway.

Des nouvelles du Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – vendredi 25 avril, 2014 – Martin Bélanger – Voici quelques nouvelles concernant la prochaine saison au Cornwall Motor Speedway alors que nous sommes maintenant à moins de 25 jours du début de celle-ci !

En préparation pour 2014!

La réunion annuelle des officiels de la piste a eu lieu au cours du dernier weekend, une revue en détails des procédures pour la saison était au menu. Le nouveau promoteur Graham Gorman a profité de l’occasion pour dévoiler la vision des nouveaux propriétaires. La famille Laverge veut que Cornwall demeure parmi les meilleures pistes en amérique du nord et compte investir dans les infrastructures au cours des prochaines années, notamment au niveau du mur devant la grande estrade et la clôture afin d’améliorer la sécurité des pilotes et des amateurs. L’estrade principale subira aussi une cure de rajeunissement dans ce processus.

Plusieurs petits investissements et améliorations sont prévues à la piste à compter d’aujourd’hui et ce, jusqu’en fin de saison afin que les programmes présentés soient fait en douceur et un peu plus rapidement tout en offrant la meilleure expérience possible aux amateurs.

La rue Cornwall Centre sera fermée pour l’été

Effectif le 22 avril dernier, le ministère des transports de l’Ontario a débuté les travaux de remplacement du pont d’étagement de l’autoroute 401 situé au dessus du Cornwall Centre Road. Ces travaux auront un impact sur les équipes de course et amateurs provenant de l’Est de l’Ontario et du Québec qui voyageront en direction ouest sur l’autoroute 401 mais également les gens provenant de la ville de Cornwall.  La construction doit se terminer à la fin octobre 2014.

Les gens qui emprunteront la sortie Brookdale 789 de la 401 devront suivre les directions menant à la rue Vincent Massey et suivront ensuite les indications vers la rue Power Dam qui mène directement aux accès de la piste.

Pour les équipes de courses, l’accès au Pit Road demeure inchangé et pour les amateurs, la rue Cornwall Centre sera disponible seulement par la rue Power Dam, le stationnement principal de la piste sera aussi accessible via Cornwall Centre.

Lorsque vous planifierez votre déplacement au Cornwall Motor Speedway, veuillez y ajouter 5 à 10 minutes supplémentaires à votre déplacement.

Des concours sur Facebook et Twitter

Les réseaux sociaux font maintenant partie intégrante de notre quotidien et le Cornwall Motor Speedway sera plus actif que jamais sur Facebook et aussi Twitter. Les résultats en direct seront offerts sur les 2 réseaux à chaque dimanche pour permettre aux gens qui n’ont pu assister de suivre les évènements.

Un concours spécial a présentement lieu sur Facebook et Twitter, nous voulons augmenter notre réseau d’amateurs à 3,500 sur Facebook et 500 sur Twitter. Une passe de saison d’une valeur de plus de $250 sera tirée lorsque le plateau sera atteint sur un ou l’autre des plateformes. Vous pouvez nous joindre sur Facebook au ou sur Twitter au @cornwalspeedway

Durant la prochaine saison, nous allons continuer à utiliser Facebook comme page d’informations concernant les évènements à venir et il y aura des tirages hebdomadaires incluant une paire de billets en admission générale via une question. Les gens qui auront bien répondu à la question seront éligible à ce tirage.

360nitro de retour en 2014!

Une entente a été conclue pour le retour de lors de la prochaine saison avec une couverture de 5 évènements majeurs à la piste. Des entrevues, photos, textes et une couverture en détails sera offerte par le site web en grande expansion. Le Cornwall Motor Speedway est fier d’être associé avec eux.

Pour plus d’informations, on vous invite à visiter la page web au

Cornwall Motor Speedway owner & promoter says farewell

Ron Morin expresses gratitude to fans, sponsors and friends as he ends his career in racing

I got into the business of motor sports a long time ago, as a competitor and more recently, as the promoter of the Cornwall Motor Speedway. This sport has been my passion for more than three decades, but all good things must eventually come to an end. The time has come for me to step aside, to enjoy retirement and to go back to the roots of my passion for this sport – to become a fan of racing once again.

As many of you know, the sale of the Cornwall Motor Speedway is nearing completion, and I will not be returning as the promoter for this beloved race track this coming season. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish the new ownership group well as they bring about a new era for dirt racing in Cornwall.

Throughout my career, I have been blessed to have met many people; competitors, crews, sponsors and fans from all across North America.

I would like to thank all of the employees who have worked at the Cornwall Motor Speedway throughout the years. Without you, it would not have been possible to wave that green flag each and every Sunday night. Your tireless work has given Cornwall a well-deserved reputation of being one of the best dirt tracks in the Northeast; a track competitors want to win at.

To the competitors, thank you for coming to Cornwall and thrilling our fans with your skill, speed and drive to win. Many champions have been made here in Cornwall, and our fan base continues to grow because of the compete level of the drivers and crews.

To the many sponsors who have partnered with the Cornwall Motor Speedway, thank you for your generosity, your partnership and your commitment to this community.

To the promoters from other tracks: I have always been pleased with the collaborative spirit in my dealings with other race tracks across the Northeast. I’d like to thank you all as well as thank our sanctioning body, the World Racing Group.

And most importantly, to our fans, thank you for passing through our gates and supporting dirt racing in Cornwall. The success of the Cornwall Motor Speedway could never have been possible without the continued support from our fans.

As I prepare to enjoy retirement, I am confident in the ongoing and continued success of the Cornwall Motor Speedway. I have accepted an invitation from the new ownership group to stay on in an advisory capacity, and will maintain a limited involvement. Race fans can be assured that my retirement does not mean my leaving the sport – it simply means I will return to the origins and roots of my passion. I began my career in racing as a fan, and will end my career as a devoted fan of this sport.

See you at the races.

Ron Morin